Name: Kimen “Ravenfeather” Metzger

Survivor: Breast Cancer Since January 2001

Occupation: Procurement and Supply Chain Manager

Offices held in Harley’s Angels:  Almost all of them!

Home town: Houston

Now living in: Magnolia

How long in Texas: Since I was 9 mos old. Born in Seattle Washington.  “I wasn’t born in Texas but got here as quick as I could”

Type of bike I ride and how long: 1994 HD FXLR Low Rider Custom – My first Harley right out of the box!

Why and when I joined Harley’s Angels: November 2001 – I had just finished all my treatments for breast cancer and was ready to get back on my bike and I needed a new set of friends to ride with.  I went to the Houston Area #1 LOH meeting and they were talking about printing a calendar to raise money for breast cancer.  The “why” “when” and “where” was obvious to me.

Personal MottoWe are all connected

Source of inspiration for joining Harley’s Angels: I have 2 sisters, 1 daughter, 6 nieces, 1 grandmother and millions of woman friends that should never have to experience the barbaric breast cancer treatments that I have experienced.

Hobbies away from the Angels: gardening, star gazing, enjoying the outdoors

Favorite web sites: Who has time for web sites when you can ride!

Favorite TV shows: Who has time for TV when you can ride!

Goals in life: To make a small difference for the better good in the lives of others

Other organization affiliations: Institute for Supply Management

You might be surprised to know that: I believe I am an ancestor of Aliens who visited Earth thousands of years ago.

Additional Comments: The women of Harley’s Angels are the most beautiful women in my life.