Name: “Blanche”

Survivor: Of friends lost to Breast Cancer

Occupation: Client Relationship Manager

Offices held in Harley’s Angels: Secretary 2006-2008; Co-Director 2011-2012

Home town: Houston, Texas

Now living in: Seabrook, Texas

How long in Texas: All my life

Type of bike I ride and how long: 2005 Suzuki Boulevard

Why and when I joined Harley’s Angels: I joined Harley’s Angels in October, 2005 in the memory of Rhonda Ramsey (lost her battle of breast cancer 10/31/02); I continue to be an active member today in honor of Cherri Sanders (Harley’s Angels member and friend-lost her battle of breast cancer 6/1/10).

Personal Motto: There are so many. Two come to mind and reminds me of Rhonda & Cherri – “Work like you don’t need the money; Love as if you’d never been hurt; Dance as if no one is watching!” “Treat others as you’d like for them to treat you.”

Source of inspiration for joining Harley’s Angels: I worked at U.T.M.D.Anderson Cancer Center for 15 years beginning Nov, ’91 and became friends with a lady who worked in our Legal Department, Rhonda Ramsey. We became inseparable for a while then she asked me to come with her to her office. She shared with me that the breast cancer she’d had ten years previously had come back as a “moth eating style cancer.” She went on medical leave; I spent as many weekends with her as I was able. One of the most memorable time, was me reading all of the details of the final two protocols she needed to decide on as her current medications were no longer working. I took a motorcycle safety class the following Spring, but it was the end of March, 2005 when I purchased my bike. Another female motorcycle rider and friend at UTMDACC had joined Harley’s Angels and encouraged me to do the same.

Hobbies away from the Angels: There’s not a lot of time for hobbies but balance factors in for Family, NASCAR and live music.

Favorite web sites: No favorites.

Favorite TV shows: NCIS, TAPS, Deadliest Catch

Goals in life: Author a book about my Grandmother.

Other organization affiliations: Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo