Fundraiser Appreciation Levels

Hello, and thank you for your interest in becoming one of our supporters.  Our Fundraiser Appreciation Levels will have 4 different levels to choose from. Based on the amount of your donation you will receive appreciation gifts of our own memorabilia.  Please check them out and if there is any questions feel free to email our director at

Harley’s Angels Offers Four (4) Online Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser Appreciation Levels.  For each fundraiser level, Harley’s Angels will send the following appreciation gift:

All fund raiser appreciation gifts include shipping and handling. Make sure to include your address/contact information so we can ship your merchandise to  you directly. Also include a note explaining the products you want to order so we can better get your order as you desire. Our supporters only send the required donation and we handle the rest.

Pink Ribbon Level
$15.00 Level:
Harley’s Angels Kurvie Boobie Koozie









Pink Chrome Level

$20.00 Level:    The 2020 Harley’s Angels Calendar









Pink Platinum Level

$30.00 Level:
2020 Harley’s Angels Calendar  & Harley’s Angels Kurvie Boobie Koozie





Pink Diamond Level

$75.00 Level:  ALL gifts listed above PLUS:  Harley’s Angels baseball cap & can Koozie & Pink support bracelet



We thank you so much for your support and helping us reach our goals to continue this fight. Together We Can Make a Difference!!